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Bronwen Gombert is an award-winning chartered architect. Her studio Connected Architecture is based in Maidenhead. Bronwen specialises in sustainable design and believes beautiful buildings enhance our lives.

Design inspiration

What inspires the designs you create for your clients?

I draw inspiration for my projects from many different sources. Sometimes it can be as simple as doodling while talking on the phone, but most importantly I am inspired by listening to and understanding my client’s aspirations and dreams. I then put myself in their mindset when coming up with design options that respond positively to their vision.

The setting and context of the site will also play a large part in the development of my design ideas, but there is an integral relationship between art and the built environment, so I am always inspired by other buildings and by the emotive expression of art, nature, and light. All these things have the potential to lift your spirits and creativity.

Communal Entrance, Fulham Reach (Jestico + Whiles)
Communal Entrance, Fulham Reach (Jestico + Whiles)

Design & Art

How do you draw out your customers’ preferences for art/sculpture?

By asking clients to share their favourite art or images from Instagram and Pinterest, you can quickly gain an understanding of their artistic preferences and styles. Some clients may already own a piece of art or sculpture that is important to them which they want to be showcased within the design. Through dialogue and discussing their options, we can then develop design ideas that will achieve this. We can also make suggestions on location for the incorporation of new artwork or sculpture within the design.

Visualisation of Chapel Space, St. Aloysius Convent (Connected Architecture)
Visualisation of Chapel Space, St. Aloysius Convent (Connected Architecture)

Design & Customer

Whereabouts in the design process do you consider including art/sculpture in your plan?

The earlier the better as the type of artwork and location for the artwork may well impact the layout and design of the building/space. We would consider the inclusion or exclusion of natural light, types, and locations of artificial lighting, the location of a sculptural piece. Particularly if it is going to be a major focal point.

Commissioned artwork at Shilling Brewing Co. by artist Gaz Mackay (Jestico + Whiles)
Commissioned artwork at Shilling Brewing Co. by artist Gaz Mackay (Jestico + Whiles)

Another important element is the design of the external space. It can be a great area to include sculpture. Even the facades of a building could become a canvas for art. The type of art and weight of the artwork is also essential to know as the physical requirements to support the piece will vary and must be considered within the detailed design of the building/space. The viewer’s experience of the art/sculpture will be impacted by all of these factors.

Design Advice

If you could give one bit of design advice what would it be?

Don’t just think of a building as a necessity but view it as a visual piece of art, one with which you interact every day – let it also delight and inspire you. Art in addition to the built environment is an important component of place-making. In the end, it doesn’t belong to the architect or the artist, but to the people experiencing it.

Bronwen Gombert set up Connected Architecture following her 13 years at Jestico + Whiles where she was an Associate. An award-winning Chartered Architect, Bronwen worked on projects both regionally and internationally. She works closely with her clients to address their specific requirements and delivers inspirational solutions to reflect their vision. She also offers particular expertise in the field of sustainable design.

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