About Will Hunt

Will Hunt is a British sculptor, living in South Bucks. He creates contemporary abstract sculpture. Bird forms – usually birds in flight – and nature are common themes in his work.

Will is probably happiest when he’s making things in his workshop. After designing and building his own wooden rowing boat, he turned his hand to woodturning and woodcarving. To relax, he enjoys whittling too. Today he sculpts using a variety of materials,  including bronze, aluminium alloy and plaster of Paris.

After studying at Central Saint Martins, Will pursued a career in product design. Since then, his unique blend of engineering and artistic skills have enabled him to not only design distinctive works of art, but also create them single-handedly. He’s created a flock of bird sculptures, reproduced from his own multi-piece fibreglass mould. Recently, he mastered the sand casting technique in order to create his botanical series, which includes Fiora and Fiora grande.

Will Hunt in his workshop
Will Hunt

Will doesn’t limit himself to using a particular material. He carefully selects the right material to enhance the design of each sculpture. So far, his indoor sculpture is made from wood, plaster of Paris, aluminium alloy and bronze. Libertas is his first bird sculpture in bronze and would enhance any designer home or modern office.

Will would describe his style as pure, elegant and contemporary. Admirers of his work describe it as beautiful, benign and gracefully uplifting. His lifelong fascination with birds and the outdoors clearly influences his chosen subject matter. When he’s not working in his workshop, you’ll find him out on long, muddy walks in the Chilterns with his wife (that’s me!) We love spending holidays in our local equivalent of New Zealand – the Lake District.

Will Hunt - Yosemite
Will on holiday in Yosemite

Will designs his sculptures to complement the environment where they’ll be displayed. After visiting Art Scope Gallery in Reading Circle hospital, he was inspired to create two bird sculptures, Fernweh and Halcyon, which nestled beautifully in the dramatic space afforded by the modern hospital atrium.

Will welcomes Art collectors and appreciators to his workshop to view his latest sculpture and designs.

A sculptor is a person obsessed with the form and shape of things. – Henry Moore